Birchbox October 2014 Review


This month, I wasn’t too happy because I was pretty much sure my credit card has ran out, and therefore, I wouldn’t get this month’s box… I can’t explain how excited I was when I have seen the Birchbox in my door, just waiting there for me !! I am still not sure how this have happened,  but I am very grateful.

October’s Birchbox was pretty intresting, as fas as my taste in beauty products goes. I mean the only sample I didn’t like was the perfume sample, but that’s only because I don’t like getting perfume samples in my boxes. Besides that, the box was really enjoyable.

The first sample was Tocca Green Tea and Lemon Hand Cream. If you are like me, always doing something with your hands, then you must love hand creams and lotions. This one is particularly useful, because it is very hydrating, smells like summer to me, and it instantly absorbs (so you don’t have to wait around wasting your time, while it absorbs). It is a very good product, which I already have been in love with previously, due to the fact that I got a different Tocca hand cream few months ago, also from Birchbox.


The second product was Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner Blackhead Extractor Mask. All I can say is that this product will be gone in less than a week, I just love it that much. Honestly, I love the entire collection of Dr. Brand Pores No More. Ever, since I can remember I always had suffered from enlarged pores on my nose and cheeks, as well as the never disappearing blackheads all over those areas. Ughh.. they are such such a pain, and it is almost impossible to get rid of them. However,  this has changed when Dr. Brandt came out with his Pores No More series. These products really work ! And not only that, but they also show noticeable difference JUSTafter one use ! I recommend those products to everyone with similar skin concerns.


The third product was Jouer Matte Moisture Tint Sunscreen in Nude. I am very satisfied with this product, as well as with the shade of it. Last year, Birchbox has gifted me with a similar Jouer product, the only problem was that it’s shade was way too dark for me. Therefore, I never really got a chance to try it. This time, the shade is perfect, it blends in seamlessly, smells good, and it also has a pretty good coverage. I have already decided that I will be buying a full sized tube with my Birchbox points.


The fourth product was this mini Lord And Berry eyeliner pencil in black with glitter. The pencil itself is of a very good quality and it stays on for a long period of time. The fact that it has glitter in it will make it more suitable for use when going out in the city. I like that the pencil is of such a small size, because now I can store it in my small clutch when going out, without it taking over a large amount of space.


The fifth, and final, product was this perfume sample from Harvey Prince in Singular Sensations Petaly Noir. The fragnance in itself is very seducing, but it just doesn’t fit me. The scent is deeply floral, as to that point that it becomes a little bit too heavy. I will be giving this perfume sample to my mom, she enjoys scents like that.



 Overall, I am pleased with this month’s Birchbox. I love 4 out of 5 samples, so that is pretty great ! What I am really intrested in is some feedback from all of you beautiful ladies !! What did you get in your Birchbox this month ? And if you do not subscribe to Birchbox, then what do you think of this month’s box ? Do you have any questions ?

If intrested here is my link to subscribe to Birchbox, THANK YOU so much !!


Boxycharm August 2014 Review


I was really excited yesterday when my August’s Boxycharm came in. I previously have read online that the theme of this month’s box will be Beach Babe, and I just couldn’t wait to see what beauty products will be included. This month’s box definitely did not disappoint. It’s actually pretty amazing! !!

The first, and probably my favorite, product was Morphe S19 Powder Brush (retail value $19.99). This brand is new to me, but I am already in love with them. This brush is of very high quality, and the bristles are very soft and silky. It can be used to apply powder, as well as a bronzer. I already used the brush today to apply my Laura Mercier Radiance Baked Powder, and I have to admit that the effect is flawless. I will be definitely buying more brushes from Morphe.


 The second product was the Ofra Cosmetics Americano Bronzer (it was full sized and it’s retail value is $35.00 !!). I am pretty content with this bronzer,  because it has a perfect sandy shade. It is not too dark or orangey, like so many other bronzers I have tried. The only thing I would change about this bronzer, is that I wouldn’t make it as shimmery as it is. I personally prefer more matte bronzers, because I dont like when my whole face is all shimmery. However, I have decided that this bronzer will be perfect for contouring, by applying it only in certain areas.



 The third product was Tarina Tarantino Conditioning Lip Sheen in Showroom-pastel pink (also full sized with retail value of $22.00). It is a pretty nice balm/sheen, since I wouldn’t call it a lipstick because it doesn’t provide enough color. It definitely hydrates and smoothes the lips, making it a must have for the summer weather


The fourth product was Model Co Cheek+Lips Tint Rosy Red (full sized, retail value $ 22.00). I am familiar with this product, because I had received it in Glossybox long time ago. It is a really useful lip and cheeks stain, which looks very natural. When using it as a cheek tint make sure to use a small amount and blend it in with your fingers.




The fifth product was Ofra Cosmetics Eyeliner (full sized, retail value $ 13.00). It came in Green Go color, which is a nice, shimmery, military green. This eyeliner is water resistant and long lasting, making it perfect for use in the inner rim of an eye.





So, what do you think of the August 2014 Boxycharm?? All comments are appreciated.

Wantable Intimates June 2014 Review



Wantable Intimates is a monthly subscription of highly customizable lingerie, loungewear, hosiery, and even socks. You actually get to pick which of these items you would like to receive, as well as you get to pick what type of style you prefer, what colors and designs, and what sizes you want. I mainly subscribed to this box in order to receive the latest trends in lingerie. This is my second box, and so far I have been highly satisfied (if not even wowed!!) by this subscription. As a subscriber, you get 3-5 personally customizable items. The cost of the monthly subscription is $36, but you can also try a single box for the price of $40. Each item in the box has an attached price tag with it’s retail value, so you know you receive high value products.

Also each month the subscription boxes have a common theme, as well as they feature few specific brands. This month the theme was “sexy, practical, and everything in between”. Some of the featured brands were REAL Underwear, Honeydew, and Coobie. This month also featured “adorable baby dolls, chemises, and comfy capri pajama sets”.

The first item I received (or more of a set) was Eighty One Enterprises Falling For You Babydoll & thong set. The set came in smooth, silky material, with black, lace trimmings. The retail value of this set is $30.00. Honestly, I am completely in love with this set! ! It came in this now highly trendy radiant orchid color. As most of us, beauty mavens, know this radiant orchid color is actually this year’s Pantone’s color of the year. Additionaly, the little, black, lace details make this babydoll set extra feminine and sexy.


The second item I received was Eighty One Enterprises Simply Flawless hipster. It came in in aqua color, with a nice striped design in the front, and lace back. The retail value of this panty is $8.00. I really like the hipster design, as well as the combination of casual stripes and trendy lace.



The third item I received was this adorable and classic Scallop Rose Bralette from Pucker Up!. The retail value of this bralette is $18.00. Honestly, I usually prefer to wear bras with a little support and push up, but I have decided that wearing soft bras at home is probably a much better idea. This bralette is extremely comfy, while it still provides a very attractive and sensual design. It is definitely one of my new favorite bras.


The fourth, and final, item I received took me by a surprise. Somehow, I received the same pair of boyshorts from Honeydew, as I did last month. Apparently, this month the attached card said that these boyshorts are called Florence knickers, and not Daphne hipster…Most likely it was a minor mistake in the subscription service, where I have received the same item twice, but I am still highly pleased, since I personally love these knickers/hipster. On the other hand, if I was to be dissatisfied with this situation, Wantable has an easy and free return process with a high customers’ satisfaction guaranteed. 🙂



Overall, I am still a highly satisfied and pleased subscriber of the Wantable Intimates monthly subscription service. I definitely recommend it to every woman out there!! Also, if you are intrested in trying out this subscription box, please check out my invitation link below. Thank you!!! I would also appreciate any comments on this subscription box. Did you ever try it? Were you satisfied? What did you get?? Thank you. 🙂





Wantable Intimates May 2014



I wanted to try something a little different, so I decided to include in my blog few reviews of non-beauty products. I have added Wantable Intimates lingerie subscription. May 2014 was my first month of trying this pretty recent monthly subscription. It costs $36 when you sign up for monthly subscription, or you can pay $40 for a one time box. This box is extremely customizable, where you fill out a detailed profile, as well as you get to specify which types of products you love, like, or don’t like.

This subscription service has a pretty high value, and you get known brands of lingerie. The box comes with 3-5 items, each of them has an attached tag with it’s retail value. My box came in with 4 items, and it’s retail value was $64. That’s pretty good considering I loved every single item.

The first item I received was this adorable fine mesh cami and boyshort set from Honeydew. The retail value of this set is $36. I am completely in love with this set, which is going to be very useful in the summer as something to sleep in. The material is very stretchy and pleasantly soft to the skin. Also, the emerald color is very trendy with the delicate, beige, lace trimmings.





The second item I received were these cute, silky, and rasberry colored Daphne hipsters from Honeydew. They have a delicate, white, and lace trimming, as well as a detailed lace design in the front. In the back they are a little ruched, which makes them extra adorable. The retail value of these hipsters is $20.





The third, and final, item I received was turquoise, soft illusion, lace boyshorts from Rene Rofe. These are very comfy, and they pretty much remind me of the Victorias Secret lace panties. The retail value of these boyshorts is $8.

Overall, I am very happy with this Wantable Intimates lingerie subscription, and I recommend it to everyone!!! If you are interested in trying out this amazing box, then please use my invitation link below 🙂 Thank you!!