Glossybox February 2014 Review

wpid-storagesdcard02014-02-26-14.03.15.jpg.jpgOverall,  I liked the February Glossybox. It offered 5 products in different categories, like skincare, nails, hair, and makeup. Glossybox is the one of those subscription services that never disappoints you, and offers something for everybody.

The first product was the new Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture nail polish in City of Angels (light pastel pink). The Lauren B. Beauty collection hasn’t been officially released yet, so it was nice to try the product before most of the people. The nail polish is really good. I had it on for three days now, and it hasn’t chipped at all yet. It is definitely great quality, and the bottle is pretty large too. The only thing that I wish was different is the actual nail polish color. I can’t count how many light pink nail polishes I have so far, but I am guessing this color was chosen to stay on the safe side, since it can be used by many customers.

The second product was Sumita Beauty Kala Black Color Intense Pencil eyeliner. This was my first time trying a Sumita product, and I have to admit that I completely loved it. I always test my new eyeliners by putting a line on my hand and then getting in the shower. If the water by itself doesn’t mess with the eyeliner on my hand, then it should work for my eyes too, which tend to get watery. Sumita has ideally passed the test, both on my hand and on my eyes. Not a smudge. Also the black color is very intense and vibrant, which makes it a perfect black eyeliners. One more thing to mention about this eyeliner is that it glides on your eye flawlessly,  kinda like the gel eyeliners do.

The third product was the Skin & Co. Roma Truffle Therapy Serum. I have to say WOW to this one. The serum made my skin instanly smooth, improved it’s elasticity,  and brightened my complexion overall. Not to mention how amazing the smell of it is, you just want to eat that serum instead. The only thing which I wish was different is that the size of the serum tube would be a little larger (it was 0.17 fl. oz.). But then when looking at the price of the full size product, which was $72.80 for 1 oz., it made sense that the sample wasn’t too big. As soon as I save up some money,  I will be buying this product in full size, because the quality of the serum is pretty much worth that price.

The fourth product in the box was Pureology Serious Colour Care Colour Fanatic MultiTasking Hair Beautifier for ColorTreated Hair. It is a hair treatment spray, which provides 21 essential benefits to prime, protect, and perfect color treated hair. It definitely does its job, and as a bonus it smells wonderful. I definitely will be buying thif product for my color treated hair.

The fifth, and final product was Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches. I love Anatomicals products, as well as their funny names and descriptions for their products. They always get me laughing. These patches are really good, and they reduce fine lines, revitalize delicate skin, moisturize, restore elasticity, and nourish. After testing them, I have to admit that they do as well as promised. You also get a full size for this product of 3 patches of .21 oz. valued at $11. You have to keep the patches on for 30 minutes though, which is sometimes too long for the time you have left to get ready in the morning.

Overall, I liked this Glossybox and all the products in it. You got 3 full size products (eyeliner, nail polish, and eye patches) one deluxe size product (hair beautifier), and one sample size product (face serum). However,  I have to mention that I am never disappointed with Glossybox,  and it remains my favorite.







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