Birchbox February 2014

After last month’s Birchbox (which was so great), I was extremely excited about getting February’s box. Therefore,  I was a little disappointed when it came in. The first product in the box was Ruby Swing color changing nail polish. I have never heard of Ruby Swing before,  but that’s not the point. The point is that the color of the nail polish is pretty bad. It is this dark, neon pink, that you would imagine little girls wearing. I can’t tell you if the nail polish is long lasting, because I just refuse to paint my nails that color.

The second product in the box was Dr. Brandt pores no more pore refiner. I never tried this product before,  so that was a nice surprise. This pore refiner serves perfectly as a makeup primer. It mattifies the skin and has this light beige color to it. I was impressed with the results. It is important to remember though, that this pore refiner should be only used when you have oily or combination skin. This excludes dry skin. With my combination skin, this primer worked flawlessly. I will be definitely buying this product when the sample is out.

The third product was Beauty Protector hair oil. This oil keeps hair shiny and protects against heat and UV rays. It also makes your hair extremely smooth. I used the oil mostly for my hair ends, where the oil would stop the frizz. Overall, it is an excellent product, but I just wish the sample wasn’t so small!

The fourth product was Juicy Couture Couture La La Malibu perfume. I hate getting small perfume samples. You just spray yourself once and it is gone. The scent is pretty nice, it reminds me of the summer. It is a little bit too sweet for my taste though, but I can tell many girls will love this scent.

The fifth sample was pointless. It was 32 by Thomas P. Connely Dds effervescent breath treatment with isoVoxy cleansing. It is basically this packette with tiny crystals that you put in your mouth.I really don’t see how it would go well with the other four samples, but is an extra gift so I can’t complain. 

Overall, the box was not one of their best ones, but it wasn’t horrible either. I think I just got spoiled with the last month’s box that had a full size item. I definitely recommend Birchbox to everyone. I would love to hear about what did you get in your box this month. What did you think? I appreciate every single comment. 





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